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Rosehill Children's Nursery


01204 52 53 54

At Rosehill Children's Nursery,we  recognise that nurturing a child's natural curiosity and creativity from a young age can have a massive impact on their development and on their adult lives. When children are playing and selecting what to do themselves, they become deeply engaged.  We use this in the moment approach and  focus on facilitating opportunities; ones  that allow  the young learners to develop positive social skills, make friends, work together and respect others, equipping them with the skills in how to engage and become eager learners.

Our practitioners apply their vital knowledge and understanding of children's development stages, observing children's individual learning achievements, interact effectually  and teach the next stages to promote further learning and positive outcomes as we prepare our young learners on their journey to school.

Where We Are


Rosehill Children's Nursery.
160 Manchester Road,
Burnden Retail Area, Bolton. BL2 1HE.

 01204 52 53 54